Emergency Dental Treatment in Fort Collins, CO


Man holding jaw from pain | Dentist Fort Collins COYour teeth undergo a lot of stress. Unfortunately, sometimes the stress gets to be too much and – ouch! You’ve cracked your tooth or restoration. When this happens, you need treatment as quickly as possible to relieve your discomfort and preserve the tooth.

Left untreated, a cracked tooth or filling can allow bacteria to enter the tender inner part of the tooth where the nerve resides. Once an infection exists, we may have no choice but to perform a root canal or extract the tooth.

At our Ft. Collins dental office, we make it easy for patients who are in an emergency situation to see Dr. Gray quickly – usually the same day.

What to Do in an Emergency

First, give us a call. We keep open slots in our schedule throughout the day for exactly this type of situation. We don’t believe you should have to suffer for days on end waiting to be seen.

Jennifer, our friendly and helpful front office coordinator, will ask you some questions about how your tooth feels, when the pain started, and where the tooth is in your mouth. There may be some steps you can take to be more comfortable until you are seen by Dr. Gray. Ice packs held against the cheek on the affected side of the mouth and over-the-counter analgesics may reduce pain and swelling.

If your tooth has cracked or you’ve lost or broken a restoration, try to find any broken pieces. In some cases, we can bond the broken part of your tooth or restoration back into place.

What Happens During an Emergency Dental Appointment?

Man smiling in dental chair | Dentist Fort Collins COYour emergency appointment will focus on the immediate problem. We will make sure that you are comfortable and if at all possible, perform any immediately needed treatment. Sometimes this involves placing a filling. Depending on the extent of the damage and the cause of the injury, a root canal or an extraction may be necessary.

If we cannot complete your treatment the same day, we will schedule another appointment to finish the necessary treatment. We also feel strongly that it is important to schedule a full exam to look at other areas of the mouth. This allows us to find problems that could become emergencies and address them before you experience pain or a broken tooth.

Of course, not every emergency can be prevented, but routine cleanings reduce your risk of gum disease and decay, and regular check-ups help us catch problems when they are small and manageable – before they turn into a painful emergency situation. Infections and decay can weaken your tooth, but if we can stop these issues in their tracks, we may avoid the need for a root canal or extraction.

If You Are Experiencing a Dental Emergency, Call Us Today

Don’t waste another minute in pain! We are here to help. We’ll get you in promptly, determine the best course of action, and help you feel like yourself again. Call our Ft. Collins dental office today so Jennifer can schedule you an emergency dental appointment with Dr. Richard Gray.