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If I get a crown, do I also need a root canal?

Not typically.

Usually one of the reasons for placing a crown on a tooth is to prevent the need for root canal treatment. Root canal treatment is required if the inside chamber (the pulp chamber, which contains the tooth’s nerve and blood supply) of the tooth becomes infected or irreversibly inflamed. There are a number of ways this can happen. Common causes include fractures that expose the pulp chamber to bacteria in the mouth, cavities that extend into the pulp chamber, and trauma to the tooth.

Placing a crown includes removing all decay and old filling material from the tooth and covering the tooth to prevent fractures. In rare cases, modifying and shaping the tooth for crown placement can cause inflammation of the tooth which does not go away. In these cases root canal treatment is needed.

Patient Testimonial:A very, very smooth process

Although getting a crown put on isn't my idea of a pleasant experience, Dr. Gray made it a very, very smooth process. I really like how Dr. Gray tells me ... Read more

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