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A Great Dentist
  • “So glad that my husband and I have Dr. Gray and his staff for our dental care. We have been under Dr. Gray's care for minor and not-so-minor procedures for the past 2 years and have been very happy with the excellent, up-to-date dentistry and compassionate care. Dr. Gray's friendly and efficient office staff and dental assistants contribute to our confidence in what has been outstanding dental care.” - A

  • “Wonderful office and great experience! Everyone was so nice and knowledgeable and explained everything! Exactly what I was Looking for in a dentist!!” - A

  • “Always a pleasure to visit Dr. Gray's office. Cleanings are thorough and comfortable and the staff is friendly and professional. Desired appointments are easy to obtain and kept on time.” - D

  • “Poudre Valley Family Dental Rocks. They are always personable and friendly. The staff all call me by name when I walk in the door and they ask me about my family and work. I never feel rushed out the door, and yet they are always prompt and timely. It's like visiting with friends every 6 months. I highly recommend making these guys your dental team!” - E

What should I do if my tooth breaks?

When a tooth breaks, it is important to call your dentist right away. Sometimes broken teeth do not hurt, but they are still at risk for additional fractures, new decay, and other problems.

Dental Emergency Care

A short emergency visit to your dentist will allow him or her to assess the condition of the tooth, discuss risks, benefits, and options for treatment or leaving the tooth as-is, and help you make an informed decision about how to proceed. If you choose not to have the tooth evaluated by your dentist, anything can happen. The tooth may be fine for many years. However, you may develop decay or additional fractures which result in the necessity for multiple costly procedures to save the tooth. You could even lose the tooth due to excessive destruction that could have been prevented if a filling or crown had been placed at the time of the original break.

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