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  • “So glad that my husband and I have Dr. Gray and his staff for our dental care. We have been under Dr. Gray's care for minor and not-so-minor procedures for the past 2 years and have been very happy with the excellent, up-to-date dentistry and compassionate care. Dr. Gray's friendly and efficient office staff and dental assistants contribute to our confidence in what has been outstanding dental care.” - A

  • “Wonderful office and great experience! Everyone was so nice and knowledgeable and explained everything! Exactly what I was Looking for in a dentist!!” - A

  • “Always a pleasure to visit Dr. Gray's office. Cleanings are thorough and comfortable and the staff is friendly and professional. Desired appointments are easy to obtain and kept on time.” - D

  • “Poudre Valley Family Dental Rocks. They are always personable and friendly. The staff all call me by name when I walk in the door and they ask me about my family and work. I never feel rushed out the door, and yet they are always prompt and timely. It's like visiting with friends every 6 months. I highly recommend making these guys your dental team!” - E


Get More Mileage from Your Teeth Whitening

Do you have a special event like a wedding or class reunion coming up soon and want to look your best? 

Professional teeth whitening in Fort Collins, CO is an affordable cosmetic dental treatment that delivers excellent value. Whether you choose in-office power whitening or a customized take-home kit, teeth whitening is affordable and provides stunning results in a short time.

Get the Most out of Teeth Whitening

You’ll love the fresh, bright look of your newly whitened smile! You will feel confident about your appearance, and your whole outlook can change. So go out and show off your beautiful smile, but keep these tips in mind to maintain the results for as ...

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Braces and implant treatment used to replace a left-over baby tooth

This case is a great example of the benefits of a great dental team.  I worked closely with the patient, the orthodontist, and the periodontist to achieve a great result that will last a long time.

One of my patients had a baby upper canine that stayed in place for around 30 years too long.  Eventually, the tooth developed decay that was too extensive to repair and we started to discuss options to replace the tooth. 

Following the evaluation of options, the patient decided that they wanted an implant and crown to replace the baby tooth.  

We just had 2 problems: space for the crown and space for the ...

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Why Dentists Recommend Dental Implants for Replacing Teeth

Illustration of Dental Implant | Dentist Fort Collins CO

If you’re thinking about replacing a missing tooth, you’ve probably heard about dental implants. This proven, reliable treatment for restoring smiles is the gold standard for replacing teeth. If you’re one of the 178 million Americans who are missing one or more teeth, you’ve probably considered a dental implant, and your dentist in Fort Collins can tell you if you’re a good candidate for this effective, long-lasting way to replace missing teeth.

You may already know that dental implants are an alternative treatment for removable and non-removable dentures.  However, there are also other reasons dentists frequently recommend them.

A Permanent, Stable Foundation

Dentists place a dental implant in the bone of the ...

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With Invisalign, Adults Can Have Straight Teeth Too

Woman putting using Invisalign | Fort Collins CO Dentist

Have you ever wished you could have straight teeth, but just couldn’t bear the thought of a mouth full of wires, brackets, and various other metal hardware?

There are many people who are self-conscious about their crooked teeth. Some of us never had the chance to have braces when we were kids. You may have had braces and found that over the years your teeth have become crowded and crooked again.

Take a minute to think about your smile:

-Do you notice teeth that don’t line up right when you smile? Have you ever wondered who else is noticing the same thing?

-Have you stopped smiling in public, or stopped smiling entirely? 

-Do you feel ...

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The gift of a beautiful smile and functional teeth!

Before and After Images | Repairing Chipped Teeth | Dentist Ft. Collins

Are you trying to decide what to get for a loved one (or for yourself) for Christmas?  Have you considered sending them to the dentist!?  

Believe it or not, caring for the gums and teeth provide a number of gifts that you (and others) will still appreciate for many Christmases to come: 

  • a smile that gives you confidence and makes you feel good
  • improved systemic health and reduction of inflammation
  • prevention of emergencies caused by tooth pain and broken teeth
  • the ability to chew well and eat the foods you love

We also believe that visiting the dentist can be an enjoyable experience!  Maybe not as enjoyable as Christmas morning, but we intentionally provide a relaxed ...

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Symptoms and Treatment for Gingivitis

Close up of smile | Dentist Fort Collins CO

The American Dental Association estimates that over half of Americans have some degree of gum disease, and it all starts with gingivitis. You may have heard the term before (it means “inflammation of the gums”), but do you know what signs and symptoms may indicate that gum disease has started in your mouth?

Dr. Gray and his team diagnose and provide gum disease treatment in their Fort Collins dental practice.

One of the really scary things about gum disease is that in many cases people do not even realize they have it until it has progressed to an advanced stage. You probably know someone who has been diagnosed with high blood ...

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Are you thankful for your teeth?

Family Smiling Being Thankful

I’m always thinking about all the components of the chewing system (teeth, bone, muscles, joints, nervous system, airway, and appearance). However, at various times of the year, I do find myself particularly appreciative of certain aspects.

  • At Christmas and in the spring, I start to think about family and wedding photos and the aesthetics of the system.
  • In the summer I think about protection of the system from sports trauma, energy drinks, and hiking foods (peanut butter and maltodextrin are sticky!).
  • Around March and April, I think about bite guards (I have one patient who is notorious for developing toothaches right around tax time).
  • Thanksgiving brings to mind the functionality of the chewing system. ...

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