Sedation Dentistry in Fort Collins, CO

Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry in Fort Collins, CO We see a number of patients who are so comfortable with dental treatment at our office that they fall asleep during every appointment! Do you wish this were the case for you? We offer oral sedation to help you stay relaxed and prevent anxiety related to dental visits.

We use a combination of medications taken the night before and at the office, as well as nitrous oxide, to induce a sedated state that 1) allows you to relax (and in most cases, sleep) during your appointment; and 2) causes you to forget everything that happened during the appointment. Dr. Gray uses a specific combination of medications that enables him to use a lower dose of sedative to achieve these effects than using the sedative alone. This typically results in fewer side effects and less drowsiness following the appointment.

Not only can you stay relaxed during your visit to our office, but many people find that they can get most or all of the work they want done finished in one or two appointments instead of many appointments over a long period of time -- AND they don't spend time and energy worrying about coming to the dentist.  You really can have the healthy teeth and gums you want without fear and anxiety.

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